EMBRACING FAMILY ENGAGEMENT! The Embrace Girls Foundation's Family Engagement Initiative

When authentic relationships between families, educators and community based programs are built, everyone wins!

The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc., has refocused its Mission beyond after-school programming exclusive to girls to meet the needs and demands of parents to be included in the array of services we've provided over 20 years.

Parents/Caregivers and siblings of our members have longed to participate in our many services previously geared solely to our members. Because of the organization's impressive programmatic services and outstanding history of parental engagement we have adopted the esteemed data driven model and embraced the coalition of agencies in association with Harvard University School of Education Family Engagement Project who's primary focus is building solid and sustained relationships between Parents, Students and School Administrators.

Our revised focus launches this Summer providing programs, services and resources where families are able to share their hopes and goals for their child’s education by becoming better equipped and empowered to engage with confidence, in their educational, emotional and social growth Pre-K through 12th grades. Educators have the opportunity to help families understand how to best support their student’s learning at home. And students are surrounded by the support they need to excel sustained and long term as research supports that students do better when families and educators, programs and communities work together as equal partners.

For students most impacted by inequity, this equal partnership – identified as effective family engagement – often doesn’t happen well or at all. We are committed to working to strengthen family engagement in schools through our school, business and community partnerships, leadership and development programs.

Providing parenting workshops and family resources, social and lifeskill events the entire family can participate in, parental advocacy, home visits and educational resources that empower and include parents in thier children's educational journey from grades K-12 is The Embrace Girls Foundation's FAMILY ENGAGEMENT 2.0 INITIATIVE.


Our new Family Engagement 2.0 initiative will feature wraparound services designed to empower and engage students and families distance learning, during and after school experiences thus, embracing the family as a whole.

Our sessions, workshops and forums will include

but are not limited to:

Health and Wellness
Parenting 101
Social and Life skills Training
Legal Support and Advice

Additional Services Include

  • Wraparound much needed Family Resources, Services and Advocacy
  • Family Fun Activities, Events and Experiences
  • Banking and Financial Assistance
  • Home Wellness Visits
  • Compilation and Tracking of Academic, Attendance and Behavior Reports as well as Parental Engagement
  • Academic & Positive School Experience a Resource Guide to what is expected of Parents and School Administration
  • Compilation and Tracking of Academic, Attendance and Behavior Reports as well as Parental Engagement
  • Law Enforcement Community Policing Engagement and Resources
  • Social, Emotional and Life Skills Training and Resources

Year End Impact

These are all free services that are conducted by our certified and licensed professional partnership network to benefit the entire family while continuing to embrace and empower our girls. Girl Power begins and is powered by Parent/Guardian Empowerment.

This is us!

Because Embracing Families Matter!