My Focused Future BY Peter graeff

The place I might want to visit or live
There would be more changes in the environment I haven't seen and the people.
The Northern lights is the place I want to go and see by how lights shine in the night in many ways and color.
Australia is the place I would like see see by the amount of life there is and the oceans
Space is one of my Mine place to go and see by the amount of space there is and what new things to see like star and planets that might haven't been found.
They are the car I would like to own or drive
A place I would like to go to by the sensory and the wild life that would be living in.
China is a place were I was born and I would like to see what has changed
One reason for New Zealand is because of the filming of the movies the Hobbit.
A place I would Want to visit by how I dd a report of a hero that was in Boston
The place I might live in by how there's a lot of history with the twin towers and other landmark.


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