Pilgrim Piano Competition 2018

It was a real privilege to have Mr Richard Hobson, former Director of Music at Merchant Taylors', to come and adjudicate over this rather unique competition. What made this especially apt is that the founding family of this cup, attended Orley Farm and went on to study at Merchant Taylors' and Mr Hobson remembers teaching young Master Pilgrim!

Prized silverware!
Some of the 21 contestants

Mr Hobson offered every contestant real and meaningful feedback and what a privilege this is considering the level that it was pitched at. I sometimes fear that we hear only the positive and miss the detailed thoughts that can lead to growth.


I love that after each piece, young players returned to their seats to quiet congratulations from friends...that's empathy in a moment! Well done to everyone, this was a wonderful way to start the weekend! I would like to thank Mr Hobson for joining us, Mr Ford for organising the event, our parents for supporting but most importantly our young players who put themselves forward regardless of outcome!

Tim Calvey

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