Alice's adventures in Wonderland BY LEWIS CARROLL

The author of "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He published the book and other works under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll. His name comes from the translation of his first two names into latin.

He was born in a small village in the north-west of England. His father was an Anglican pastor. He lived under queen Victoria's reign, in the 19th century (1832-1898). He had great success at the Oxford University as a mathematician. Like his father, he decided to enter the Church and became an anglican reverend at Christ Church at the Oxford University.

He was affected by stummer. He was also deaf and had a weak chest. Dodgson translated this psychological and physical flaws into his drive to succeed as a writer.

In Oxford he met Henry Liddell and his young family. Liddell's son and three daughters proved to be the perfect audience for his imaginative stories. It was in this way he was encouraged to write "Alice's adventures in Wonderland". He read the first version to Liddell's three daughters during a boat trip.

He took him three years to complete the manuscript and to have the book published in 1865. The book quickly caught the collective imagination of Victorian society, in fact it has been translated into almost every language.

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