Life isn't just Black &White...... ChildreN

What colors do you see in the eyes of the children? I see red for loving one another, yellow for joy!!

White & Black, make beautiful sounds, joyful & sad, what can you hear in this picture?

A baby don't look at things as black and white she enjoys all the colors of the world... Are you enjoying the colors, or the black & whites of life?

These feet one day will feel greener grass, his hands will touch a rainbow o flowers, Look at life as a bundle of crayons what ever you pick up determines what your picture will look like......

The joy of family, we go through black & white times in our life's but do we let it color our whole picture or just the outline so we can color in...........

Some time we feel like we have ruined the big picture but in just a little while a new color comes to box, will you give it a chance?

Black & White, mixed together, changes gray, but the clouds you just colored will start dropping rain drops of blue, but after that rain and the grass mix together.. you'll have your sun back............

Created By
Amber Waller

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