Disney World by lyDia

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Best Parks For You
  3. Chapter 2: Hollywood Stuidios
  4. Chapter 3: Hotels
  5. Chapter 4: Soda Factory
  6. Conclusion
Cinderella's Castle


Disney World Rocks! It's the best place on earth! If you just walk through the gates you will never want to come out. You will see Cinderella's castle, tons of rides and more. If you heard about how fun Disney is its true. If you want to learn more about Disney read more.

Tower of Terror

Best Parks in Disney for you

How do you know which park to go to? If your'e a person who loves scary rides Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios have crazy rides. If you like buying souvineirs from different places Hollywood Studios has a lot of gift stores. If you like slow rides and parades Magic Kingdom is a good place to be. All of the parks are in Disney so if your'e in Disney you will have the opportonety to visit them all.

A ride in Anamal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has a lot of attractions. People are screaming and others are looking around gift stores. These attractions include Tower Of Terror and gift stores. Tower Of Terror is a ride where your'e in a elevator and it drops down and it feels like your'e going to fall. But you don't. Hollywood Studios is a fun place to go on your last day in Disney.


If your going to Disney soon, before you go you have to think about which hotel to go to. If you want to go to a hotel with that has animals Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge have a lot of animals. Hotels in Disney have a lot of great things like towels that are shaped like mickey. Another thing that's great in Disney is that the hotel is big so you can run through the halls. Disney hotels are a extraordinary place to go.

A soda dispenser.

Soda Factory

In Disney there is a soda factory in Epcot. When you go inside you will see a soda dispenser and mini cups. The sodas are not regular they are from all around the world. If you want a soda from Japan it will be labeled Coke from Japan. You can grab a cup and get some. The factory is a great place to go.

A huge ball in Epcot.


Now you know all about Disney and it's features. If your in Florida, Disney is a good place to go. Maybe one day you will go.


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