Evolution of Batman On Screen Funny to Violent

Lewis G. Wilson (1943: Batman) Acted in the first ever Batman film.
Robert Lowrey (1949: Batman and Robin) Robin was first introduced as a sidekick to Batman.
Adam West (1966: Batman The Movie) One of Batman's most comedic time period. He was portrayed as a goofy character.
Micheal Keaton (1989-1992: Batman & Batman Returns) Batman's scary and violent side was exposed. He also had his first ever fight with Joker on screen.
Val Kilmer (1995: Batman Forever) Batman's costume was forever changed along with his violent attitude.
George Clooney (1997: Batman and Robin) Batman's villains got much more deadlier and violent.
Christian Bale (2005-2012: Batman Begin, The Dark Knight Rises & The Dark Knight) Batman movies became more violent and Batman become more evil.
Ben Affleck (2016-Present: Superman V Batman & Suicide Squad) Batman is going throughout his darkest of times. One of the most darkest and violent Batman ever seen.
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