Life In the 1930's By: Travis coleman

After the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Life in the Cities during the Great Depression was awful. After factories and stores shut down many people had lost their jobs. Families were starving, losing money fast, and killing just to be safe. Most people thought of welfare checks as a disgrace so it would be only a last resort thing, but when your family is struggling to eat, you have to go to that last resort. Life in the Cities was very bad during the 1930's.
When the market crashed so did the agriculture in America. Little money to buy, trade, or sell products made it very hard to be able to Grow crops. Crops would die all the time before being able to be harvested. Farmers also has to live in starvation because they get most of their food from crops. Tools and equipment was very hard to come by because of the little money they had.
The minority's in the 1930's were mainly African Americans and Women. Because most white men were given the chance to get the job befor any other person, they were the ones that were praised the most. Women and African Americans were discriminated against because they "couldn't do the job". General unemployment rate was 25% but racial minorites and gender minorites was up to 50%. This is a crazy high unemployment rate.
As you probably know , most families live in poverty in the 1930's due to having no jobs. This put barely and food on the table and was a tough life. Since plumbing was uncommon most people had to take baths in buckets of dirty water. People had to save every little thing that they had. Most men would have to go to work after they got done with the 8th grade just so they could help out with the family expenses. Somehow people got around to being somewhat happy during the 1930's.
Although i was tough to have some, Leisurely activities still happened dur hug the Great Depression. If they had a little extra to spend some families would go see a baseball game. Some would go to the beach and have a picnic. And some would just stay home and read a book to their children. It was also very hard to get this leisure time during the 1930's.


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