From A New Perspective CAssie bute 2017

Hello, My name is Cassie Bute. I am a Digital Photography student at Oxford High School. Art has always been a passion of mine and I am ready to become the best photographer I can possibly be.

These three pictures of a character named Tracer from a video game called Overwatch are all examples of composition. The one all the way to the left is an example of Rule of Thirds because Tracer can be found in the bottom left of the picture. The one in the middle is an example of Run Off because she is not fully in the picture. The one all the way to the right is an example of Symmetry because of the lines around Tracer.
On the left side, you will see my photograph of three shells and two cardboard cards. The idea I used in my work is the "rule of thirds". Even with other things going on in my picture, the thing you are supposed to focus on, or notice first is the dark, pointy shell, which is different from the other two in the Photograph. The photograph to the right isn't one I took myself, but I included it next to my photograph because it also stresses "rule of thirds" with the rabbit being in a meadow of different colored flowers and still sticking out.
In these four pictures, you will find letters within objects. The first letter is an A found in a window frame and what is outdoors. The second letter is a C found in the railing of a staircase. The third letter is an I, found on the handle and the lock of a case holding a fire extinguisher. and lastly, the fourth letter is an S, found in markers placed a certain way.
To the left is the original photo I took of a Breyer horse. In the middle is a negative of the photo I made in Photoshop. To the right is the cyanotype of the negative I made. During this whole process, we started off by turning our photo into a negative on Photoshop, then printing it out. Later on we laid down a chemical mixture on special paper and let it dry. After that, we placed it into a UV box for it to develop, and then washed it off with later to let it dry and turn to the cyanotype I have now. I was nervous that I was going to screw up the exposure and such, but I feel that my cyanotype came out well. The one thing I would have tried to fix is the fact that their is a white line threw the center of the picture. I would have liked to get rid of it. I preferred this chemical set up of printing because I felt it was different, and I enjoyed the outcome.
To the left is the original photo of my dog, Bruno. To the right is a resized Tintype of him. I feel that out of the two processes, making a cyanotype and making a Tintype, I enjoyed making the cyanotype more. I feel this way because it was hands on and the whole exposure process was a lot of fun.
These three photos are all examples of texture. The photo to the left is an old book, which shows the texture of grainy paper. The photo in the middle is a spilled jar of Orbeez, which shows a squishy, wet, smooth texture. The photo to the right is wood planks. This shows the texture of wet, rough wood.
This is a rainbow kaleidoscope of my dog, Bruno.
These three pictures of are a note written by my mother. I choose this subject matter because this is one of the last notes my mother ever wrote me before she passed away a couple of years ago, so it has a close place in my heart. The three photos are all taken in different lights at different times. The one to the left is in artificial light. The one in the middle is in morning light. The one to the right is in the sunsets light. I prefer the sunset light the most because I feel it gave the most warming feel. It was a struggle to get the lighting just right because you have to focus on changing the settings on the camera so that the subject matter isn't over or under exposed. To work with brighter light, I had to lower the ISO and make the shutter speed faster. When working in darker light, I did the opposite. I raised the ISO and slowed the shutter speed.
This is a photo of my friend, Bella, being my subject matter for my forced perspective photo. She is about to lick the American flag. The process with working with her was relatively easy because she has a lot of patience with me wanting her to move around to different spots. The composition in this photograph plays a role because this is based from rule of thirds. This idea was the one chosen because I felt that Bella licking the pole would be the easiest form of forced perspective. Things that can me improved in this photograph is that I would have liked the ground to be horizontal, not skewed. I was working fast so I took the photograph quickly.
This is a portrait of my friend Bella, with a black and white filter. I think that I have come a long way with my photographic journey. I feel that I am best at taking pictures of nature and animals, although I think I have evolved when it comes to taking pictures of any photographic material. My goal in the long run is to just simply improve on what I am already capable of doing within my work.
These photos were all taken based off of a word or phrase in a special photographers calendar. I went through the process of choosing the theme for these photos by trying to think outside of the box on most of them. Some photos I thought literally, but for the most part I tried to be creative. I think the strongest photograph out of these is the one titled "Where I come from" with my sister smiling and pointing to the sky. I think it is the strongest because not only did I really like the way it came out, but I enjoy how many different ideas someone could get from the picture. I think I have evolved a lot over the course of the semester because I learned how to make my photographs stronger just by changing my angle or moving to the other side of the object. I have many pictures I have not liked before, but my least favorite in this project is probably of the one of my sister and her friend, Christian. I think this because it looks unnatural, in a sense. I feel if they were doing something different, it would have been better. From left to right, top the bottom, the prompts were where I come from, noisy, mirror, a sound I heard, fire, what is it, childhood memories, something big, up close, and furry friends.
This is a photographic style I recreated from a photographer named Christian Hopkins. I recreated this because his work is primarily creepy, or depressing and I think capturing my friend Kaili smiling with this bear and blood running down her eyes in the eerie lighting captures it. I think over the semester, I have truly evolved within my photographic work. I started by taking pictures of things without meaning and turned it into things with different meanings. I have learned different styles of work, different angels, the way lighting effects a photo, and more. From where I am now, I want to primarily continue working towards more darker things, and animals.


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