From A New Perspective CAssie bute 2017

Hello, My name is Cassie Bute. I am a Digital Photography student at Oxford High School. Art has always been a passion of mine and I am ready to become the best photographer I can possibly be.

These three pictures of a character named Tracer from a video game called Overwatch are all examples of composition. The one all the way to the left is an example of Rule of Thirds because Tracer can be found in the bottom left of the picture. The one in the middle is an example of Run Off because she is not fully in the picture. The one all the way to the right is an example of Symmetry because of the lines around Tracer.
On the left side, you will see my photograph of three shells and two cardboard cards. The idea I used in my work is the "rule of thirds". Even with other things going on in my picture, the thing you are supposed to focus on, or notice first is the dark, pointy shell, which is different from the other two in the Photograph. The photograph to the right isn't one I took myself, but I included it next to my photograph because it also stresses "rule of thirds" with the rabbit being in a meadow of different colored flowers and still sticking out.
In these four pictures, you will find letters within objects. The first letter is an A found in a window frame and what is outdoors. The second letter is a C found in the railing of a staircase. The third letter is an I, found on the handle and the lock of a case holding a fire extinguisher. and lastly, the fourth letter is an S, found in markers placed a certain way.
To the left is the original photo I took of a Breyer horse. In the middle is a negative of the photo I made in Photoshop. To the right is the cyanotype of the negative I made.
To the left is the original photo of my dog, Bruno. To the right is a resized Tintype of him.
These three photos are all examples of texture. The photo to the left is an old book, which shows the texture of grainy paper. The photo in the middle is a spilled jar of Orbeez, which shows a squishy, wet, smooth texture. The photo to the right is wood planks. This shows the texture of wet, rough wood.


Created with images by sally9258 - "Rabbit"

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