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Commercial Stock Bases

Stocks can be purchased in a powdered or concentrated form. Using a commercial base serves time and money. However, many of the bases used add conveniences to meals, but usually end up losing flavor quality.

A better-quality commercial stock base will list fish, meat, or poultry extracts rather than salt or sodium first. Ingredients are listed from highest weight amount to lowest weight amount.

You can give commercial stock bases a fresher taste by simmering them for a few hours with bones. Some chefs use commercial stock bases to give sauces and soups a stronger flavor. They can also be used as a supplement when there is not enough stock available.

White, brown, fish, and vegetable stocks are the main type of stocks.

White stock is made from chicken, beef, veal, or fish bones simmered with vegetables. It is generally colorless when being cooked.

Preparing White Stock


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