Henry Hudson by:dylan pachan

Henry Hudson is a very popular person and you might ask why is he so popular?Henry Hudson is popular person because he found and explored Hudson bay and Hudson lake.

Henry Hudson was originally looking for a route to Asia but got blocked by icy conditions and failed his mission.But the Muscovy company commanded him to search again for it.

map of Asia

Henry Hudson sailed for a Muscovy company for his first voyage.Henry Hudson was determined so he did not give up there.After that he had 3 more voyages.

Henry Hudson's 1st voyage

When Henry Hudson met native Americans he showed no harm.Henry Hudson also traded with the native Americans.

native american


Created with images by Joelk75 - "henry hudson" • C.E. Kent - "Subway maps, Tokyo" • happyskrappy - "Hudson River Boat" • ahisgett - "Native American Dancer 6"

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