OxyContin JAylah harris health

OxyContin is an Illegal opioid that people can get from their doctors for major injuries. OxyContin is a strong pain medication that is expected to be used for a short period of time. On the streets a snag term for OxyContin is called "Contin, Oxycotton, Beans, Ox and Kickers". This drug is Synthetic , It isn't from any plant, It's man made and very effective. Doctors are very specific about taking these pills because it is very easy to become addicted. The schedule on taking these narcotics is taking it with a meal so it can be digested, It's suppose to be taken once every 12 hours. OxyContin is a small circular capsule, It's in different forms. It can be in a liquid form or pill.

Liquid Form of OxyContin

The drug is suppose to be taken for pain from recent surgeries and injuries. This narcotic was first used in 1939 of U.S in local pharmacies. OxyContin was first used in Germany in a pharmacies, This drug can be very fatal if it is taken wrong and consistent. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug is throwing up, Heaving sweating, Hot and cold flashes, Sleeplessness and coughing fits. OxyContin is a long term pain killer through large doses with high tolerance. It's impossible for someone to take this drug and not be belligerent. Some short term effects from taking OxyContin is vomiting and sleeplessness. Taking this medicine can make you fight against your body, It is isn't for a minor injurie like a scratch, It's very dangerous.


The long term effect on the body is addiction and death. Most people are so addicted to OxyContin that when it is time for them to quit the urge is so strong that they literally can't. Some people try to quit on their own but after their fix is done and over they're on to the next one. Using this drug slows the activity of the brain and refrain yourself from holding information which is memory loss.

Damaged Brain

OxyContin is suppose to be swallowed whole but drug abusers tend to crush or chew the. Reports were made and it showed that citizens of U.S from 12 years young and above has been taking Oxy, non-medically, which shows OxyContin is just as bad as Heroin. They have a different tolerance of the amount of Oxy thy take because they are taking a stronger dosage each time.

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