Chiropractic Chloe cornell

Schooling for my education would be Kaplan University or Strayer University.

Minimum of 2 years Undergrad study at a University. Chiro school lasts four years so a minimum schooling of 6 years.

Class registry would include- Beginning Chriro, Spinal form and function, Diagnosis, Adjustive technique, Clinical practice, and Chiro management.

Per quarter- $371 and there is 180 quarter credit hours. Max per year- $66,780 Min per year- $16,695

High school classes could have taken- Human anatomy, Bio, Chem, Biochem, Physics, Psych, Genetics, and a pharmaceutical

What I would do day to day- adjust backs, necks, hips etc.

I would really like this job because it helps people and has nice pay. One reason I would be hesitant is that you're adjusting peoples bones, if you did something wrong it could be really bad.

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