Change between 1920s and 1930s By:lauren mecca

Home life in the 1920's and 1930's:

Home life for people in the 1930's after the depression and stock market crash

Leisure time in the 1920's and 1930's:

Leisure time/ or what people would do in their free time during the 1920's.
Leisure time /or what people would do in their free time during the 1930's.

Economy in the 1920's and 1930's:

The economy during the 1920's and when the stock market was booming.
The economy during the 1930's after the stock market crashed and when the economy was trying to build itself back up again.

Women during the 1920's and 1930's:

Women during the 1920's having fun.
Women left behind with their children and little food and water.

African Americans during the 1920's and 1930's:

Many African Americans at the time were very much into Jazz.
After the crash and during the depression it was very hard for African Americans to find work and make money.

Boom to Bust :

Economy in the 1920's-1930's:

Back then in the 1920's all people would do was party and have so much fun that they can not see all of the bad things around them happening. During he 1920's the economy was great in the cities but in rural America it was in distress. Manufacturing was great many products were made and sometimes a lot more than needed. The stock market boomed in the middle of the 1920's. everyone invested in the stock market thinking it would continue to do so well. Most of the time stock prices were worth more than the companies. As the volume of stock selling increased the prices of the stocks began to fall. Eventually when October 29 around 1929 people who had invested millions of dollars in the stock market had lost all or most of their money. Later during the 1930's unemployment rose to about 25% and almost about 16 million people who had jobs before were left unemployed. Along with that many factories and stores shut down because the could not afford the keep them open. Many people were affected by the crash and depression but the people that got hit the hardest were stockbrokers and bankers.Stockbrokers were the ones who could not collect money to repay their debts so they went into bankruptcy and also all of the lost all of their money/wealth they had made over the years. Bankers were also badly hit because they invested money in the stocks and they lost their jobs. Mostly because lots of banks had to close because the people that lost a lot of their money could not repay the banks back.

Home Life in the 1920's-1930's:

In the 1920's home life was pretty much good for everyone. Most people had homes and they were happy with what they had.But after the crash everyone had trouble finding shelter.Many women and children were left behind because the men went to find work and they stayed in hoovervilles. Women were the ones effected the most by home life because they were left alone with their children and very little food and water to keep them alive. There also was nothing for women to do.Back then there was always something for families to do.Life was very tough during that time because unemployment went up role of government in the 1920's-1930's

Role of government in the 1920's-1930's:

During the 1920's the government was not very much involved many people told the government that something bad was going to happen(the stockmarket crash) and the government did not pay attention or care. But in the 1930's after the market crashed Mexican immigrants were hit the hardest because they had to face the threat of being deported back to Mexico. Unemployment became a bigger and bigger problem as time went on: hostility to immigrant workers grew, and the government began a program of sending immigrants back home.Immigrants were offered free rides home. Also the government shipped United states citizens for being acused of looking like Mexican immigrants.


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