Semester Progress by: Dom ARtist

1. In this photo, I was working on my unit 4 research paper. I chose "The Impact of Global Aids" as my topic, and I picked this book from the library. This was my first time doing a project like this.

2. This is 1 out of the 4 sources that I needed for my research assignment. When I was reading this, two sources were do the next day for a rough draft, so I had to get it done. This happened because the main objective of this project was to find four reliable sources that support your topic.

3. I learned a lot from this. I learned how to access the library's website to find sources for project like this. You can find any source from newspapers, scholarly articles, and websites. It was extremely helpful and something that I will definitely be using in the future.

Course Outcome: Finding reliable sources for my writing

Course outcome: Organizing my ideas effectively.

1. In this photo, I was working on my unit 3 essay. Unit 3 was all about what community you belong to, and what it values. I chose that I belong to the Track Community, and this pictures is showing the observations I made of my community.

2. This happened because the objective of this assignment was to find out what it is that your community values. I made a lot of observations, and provided deep detail from what I saw exactly.

3. I learned a lot about my English class during this project. This English class was definitely different from what I expected, because I expected to read a bunch of books and take quizzes weekly. I didn't expect to have the opportunity to revise essays, and I thought the class was going to be boring.

Course outcome: Critiquing others work.

1. In this photo, the class had to peer review each other's unit 4 papers. My group, Drew, Nick, Larrionna, and Sha'Ron had to work together to look over each other's papers.

2. This happened because for every unit essay, we are required to peer review each other's essays. Doing this is actually extremely effective because it helps others catch mistakes for you and see something that maybe you didn't see.

3. A lot can be learned from this activity. It teaches you how to be able to read other's papers and help them to correct any mistakes. It also helps you to become a better writer if you can point out any mistakes in your own paper, as well as others.

Course Outcome: Improving their content and style using feedback and revision.

1. In this photo, Jared is going over his unit 2 essay for revision.

2. This is happening because our essay's are always greatly improved when we have others give us feedback. Revision is the best way to get a better grade on an essay.

3. For future actions, using this outcome can be very helpful. Writing an essay, and having several people give you feedback can make your essay great.

General Outcome: Analyzing the writing situation and choosing appropriate methods of organizing effectively.

1. In this picture, a Room Adviser is working on their homework while they're doing their job.

2. This is happening because in order to improve your writing, you have to analyze and find a way that makes it more organized. You should be able to point out ways to make your writing assignment look better, or sound better.

3. A lot can be learned from this in the future. You should always know to analyze your writing before you turn it in, or think you are done. You should also know how to come up with different ways to make your writing assignment better.

General Education Outcome: Working effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials.

1. In this photo, two classmates are working together on their unit 4 papers.

2. This is happening, because when you work effectively with other classmates, you tend to improve your essay quality. Other people's ideas are always helpful to writing an essay. Working with others also involves giving helpful feed back.

3. This is helpful for the future because in the workplace you are often required to work with others. It is good to know how to work with other people and give helpful feed back when you're in college. Skills like this will improve your career.

General Outcome: Analyze and define the needs of their intentional audience.

1. In this photo, students are peer reviewing their adobe spark web page for unit 3.

2. This is happening because students have to analyze their paper so that it correctly correlates with whoever their audience is.

3. You can learn a lot from this skill, because as you go through college and write many essays, it is important to know how to write to the right audience. You should write your paper accordingly with whomever is reading it.

Course Outcome: Analyzing and defining the purpose of their writing.

1. In this photo, a student is reflecting on their writing. The student is looking back at their grade, and the paper that they wrote.

2. This is happening because students have to reflect on ways they could've improved on their paper. It helps to look back on what you wrote and why you wrote it.

3. You can learn a lot from defining your purpose of writing for the future. If you are able to analyze mistakes or improvements, you are already on your way to being a good writer.

Course Outcome: Edit a document for consistent point of view, standard of grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation.

1. In this photo, a student is revising their unit 3 paper by figuring out the problems with it and organizing it.

2. This is happening because of the course outcome. It is always helpful for a student to edit their papers in hopes of having correct grammar and correct punctuation.

3. This is helpful on a future aspect, because knowing when to eliminate grammatical errors and having correct punctuation can help you for your future work place.

Course Outcome: State and support assertions.

1. In this photo, a student is picking an advertisement for their unit 2 essay.

2. This is happening because of the course outcome. Being able to support your assertions and providing proof is helpful.

3. When we first started doing this project, I thought we had to write about something that matters to society in a different way, but we wrote our essay based on advertisements, and that surprised me!

Course Outcome: Assessing sources and information.

1. In this photo, a student is finding a reliable source for their unit 4 assignment, and analyzing the source.

2. This is happening because of the course outcome. After finding a source that you think is reliable, it is always good to analyze and make sure that it helpful towards your assignment.

3. Analyzing your sources will always continue to be a good habit, because sometimes the sources you find aren't always what you think they are.

General Outcome: Produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics.

1. In this photo, a student is working on their McGrawHill Connect.

2. This is happening because of the general outcome. The student uses this site to improve effective written communication.

3. Using this website has improved a lot of my grammar skills and punctuation. It gives you repeated practice problems that help you with how you write, or say things. It helps you with sentences and even with the basic principles of English.


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