XO, Yours Truly Boudoir by melissa

"Boudoir photography can mean many different things to many different people, from subtly seductive to the down right risque. My goal is to style a shoot that tailors to YOU, and shows just how gorgeous you already are. Each and every woman has their own brand of sexy....and you are no different!

During your session you will never hear "look sexy"

I guide you through every pose and step that we do. Take a deep breath and relax, because boudoir is you. It does not judge. There are no boundaries. It is for every woman who has ever lived. Boudoir is fun! During your session we smile, laugh, tell jokes and stories. I love getting to know the women I work with. Boudoir is intimate. I have never, ever, met a woman who was not nervous. So you are not alone in that. I make sure that by the end of your session you realize that you have had a fierce, brave, and strong woman hiding inside you all along. There is no shame in boudoir. There is no shame in loving yourself and your photos. Boudoir is an experience. An experience that every woman should know.


The sitting fee for your session is 200 and product packages begin at 349. Typically, clients invest between 550 and 1250 in themselves for their sessions. Payment plans are available for all products ordered.

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