Lewis and Clark Expidition By: Riley Thomas

Some of the main characters in the Lewis and Clark expedition are Patrick Gass, he was a general in the Lewis and Clark expedition, and published the first journal of the expedition. Another key player in the Lewis and Clark expedition is Meriwether Lewis, he helped lead the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Another key player is William Clark, he helped develop the Missouri territory. One last key player is sacagawea, she helped guide the way, and translate with the indians.

During Lewis and Clark expedition, there were many things accomplished. One thing they did was map out a large portion of North America. Another thing that was accomplished was that they established trade with the native americans. Lastly, they proved that the North-West passage did not exist.

Some hardships that they faced along the way are that they had to go through the bitterroot mountains. Another hardship that they faced along the way was extreme heat and cold. A last hardship was that they didn't have much food, so many people starved.

They found many different species of wildlife, on the left is a big leaf maple leaf, on the right is a blue catfish.
Some of the things they took were a 55 foot keelboat (top left), blankets (bottom left), and flannels (right).
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