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I’m sure a lot of you disagree with me already, but give me a minute. I know we’re supposed to be a multicultural country, I know it’s part of “being Canadian” that we treat all other people with respect and kindness, but Canada is becoming a pushover! It’s not even just foreign culture, people living in our own culture are starting to ask for ridiculous changes. Did you know that some “feminists” have made a request for us to change our National Anthem? People like that give feminism a bad name. They think “All our sons command” is too exclusive because it only specifies the male gender. This has been our country’s anthem for hundreds of years! Why should we change it now?

I know all these poor refugees need somewhere safe to go, and they haven’t asked for anything quite as bad as changing our national anthem as far as I know, but they’re taking away from our culture as an independent country. We’ve made drastic changes to our culture for them. We’ve changed our laws and even created new ones, but how do they thank us for that? They just keep asking us for more.

And it isn’t just a matter of being ungrateful or not showing their gratitude, Canada’s economy can’t keep up either. Residential subdivisions have been springing up everywhere for years. I’ll admit that Canada still has lots of room, but the city needs to stop building so many houses and start encouraging the construction of more companies, the government needs to create more jobs.

No offence to Chinese people. This image is just to make my point. Photo from South China Morning Post

We don’t want to end up like China, do we? I sound just like Donald Trump saying that. But I’m not talking about deporting all Mexicans, I’m talking about this from a citizen’s standpoint. China has 1.3 billion people living in it. The overpopulation there is ridiculous. So much so, that they have controversial laws in place like only being allowed to have one child per family.

Like I said, it’s controversial. But China has been experiencing exponential population growth since 1953 ( when the government started funding family planning services in support of maternal and children’s health. Over 17 years, the growth rate grew from an estimated o.3 per cent as a result of the warring era, to 2.8 per cent which is a huge change. During those years, China’s population grew by 250 million and it hasn’t stopped. Now, such an extreme overpopulation issue thankfully hasn’t started yet in Canada, and it probably won’t for some time with Canada being the second largest country in the world, but we’re already taking hits as a result.

Aside from our history with the Native Americans, Canada never had much culture to begin with. We were just kind of a mix between the States and Great Britain. Yes, there are some things that still make us unique, but it isn’t a whole lot. And now we’re even starting to lose that. Think of our holiday traditions.

It’s starting to become offensive in Canada to say “Merry Christmas” to our neighbours because there’s more foreign culture here than native and other cultures don’t celebrate our holidays. As if it wasn’t bad enough already with Halloween.

Canada welcomes refugees and immigrants to our country. We embrace foreign culture. We support your cultural/religious needs. All we ask for in return is that you do the same for us.

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