The Era of Good Feelings BY Cooper bennett

What does it mean to be an american in the 1800. I asked myself this when I first came here 1831. I had many question such as how does being amrican mean having a sense of individualism, or do these americans promote National unity. how does their politics, art, music and there literature contribute to the nation Identity. At the end of my time here all these Question were answered.

the American flag

Art in the 1800's

American art in the 1800's, was full of different types of art form that were all uniquely amrican they are. folk art is both simple but colorful, some words could describe it as folky or homemade, I think this art is very american because it shows the individuality of the person who made it. next we have portraits, this is not a new form but the americans have down a go job portraying the human face that it is beautiful, It could be described as a profashionall and emotional type of art. After that we have Hudson River Audubon which depicts the very heart of america the scenery. I my opinion this is the most beautiful of all the art forms, because it captures the essence of american life, you could describe it as a scenic overview of american's country. First this was just a man but it turned into a art form next we have John James Audubon. people who draw like John James Audubon like to focus on the animals and many times you see that the animal is the center of attention of the art work. It could be said that it is a realistic point of view and it would be true. next we have George Catlin his work shows the lives of a different america the native people the indians. His work shows us a rich culture that is in the wilds of america.

The horseshoe bend

Music of the american's

Music in america was non existent until the early 1800's where there was a flash of american music. In the northern states more classical music was the most prominent. mostly used in ballroom dance and gatherings were the people danced. in the south and west people liked to square dance were a caller told you which step to do. the slaves in the south also had their own music, they combined both hymns from church goers and their own cultures music to create a spirituals music they also entertained themselves and sometimes there masters with violin, drums and banjo. there was also patriotic music such as the star spangled banner and My country 'tis of thee. also there was minstrel music which mimicked african american music, one of the most famous composers at the time thomas Dartmouth Rice created the song jump jim crow. minstrel shows were the most popular in the country such as Old folks at home and Camptown Races.


literature in the 1800's

In america most early literature was about politics but during the era of good feelings there was a blossoming of different literature. Such as davy crockett crockett almanac, which described the life on the frontier in an extreme exaggerated form. Washington Irving was also a famous writer, he made 2 of the most famous stories ever Rip van winkle and the league of sleepy hollow, it has a bit of fantasy and other supernatural things. James Fenimore Cooper created the pioneers and the last of the mohicans which described the life of the frontiersman in great detail with little exaggeration. also there was the writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a patriotic writer who wrote paul revere's ride.

American frontier

American politics in the 1800's

In the 1800's america just got things to work right after the war of 1812 and were setting up the foundation for the ear of good feelings with Henry Clay's american System, and the rulings by the supreme court Chief Justice John Marshall. Henry Clay's american System helped grow the ear by making travel easier because the federal government would fix and make roads. It would tax foreign goods so it encouraged you to make your own things more. the 3rd part of his plan was to make a 2nd nation bank to standards currency and provide credit. the 2nd point helped strengthen the central federal government, the were the rulings by the supreme court Chief Justice John Marshall. these rulings helped limit the power of the state government and strengthen the supreme court and the central government.

The Capitol Building

The Counter Argument

During this time in there were groups of people that were oppressed and not allowed to contribute to the eare of good feelings. Such as Native Americans they were driven from their land and pushed into a land they know not of and many of them died. African Americans were an enslaved race in the americas and were unfairly treated. they were treated like they were not eaven people. women In General were treated almost as badly as slaves they had no rights, no privileges, they were basically slaves. theses Groups were the very bottom of the pyramid at the time and could not participate in the era of good feelings.

In conclusion if you were a white man in america in the 1800's you were golden but if you were black, native amrican, or even a women It was not your era of good feelings.

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