All About Mercury By Carley Jo Harris


How Big is Mercury?

Mercury is the the smallest planet in the solar system, in fact it is so small that it is only a little bit bigger than 3,030 miles big.


How Far and Close Does Mercury Get to The Sun?

. Mercury is the closest panet to the Sun. Mercury orbits the Sun that is an oval shape. Mercury is 28,583,72 miles from the Sun and that is only how close it gets to the Sun. The farthest it gets from the Sun is 43,382,549 miles.


Is Mercury a Rockie Planet or a Gas Planet?

Ok true or false is Mercury is a rock planet. If you guessed true you are corrrect!


A Day And Year on Mercury

Mercury's day is so long it lasts 59 Earth days and it's year is 88 Earth days. So that means that Mercury's day is almost as long as its year ! Wow!


How Many Moons and Rings Does Mercury Have?

Mercury is the second hottest planet in the solar system

As you can see Mercury has zero moons and zero rings.

Diagram of Mercury

Interesting Facts

Did you know that every 7 years Earth can see Mercury? Yep! You sure can. I have one more question. Did you know that Mercury is named after the messenger of the Roman god? Yep, sure is!

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