I Know you are Busy, But... Take a second

I know you are busy but motion is not action. Everyday we seem to be stuck in a repetitive whirlwind of meeting to meet, meeting to make decisions, meeting to change decisions made, and meeting to follow up on why there is no follow-thru. I can almost guarantee at least 20% of people attending meetings are cyber-ly boarding Southwest Airlines because they "Wanna get Away".

Then there is the email whirlwind. This one is brutal because words are read through interpretation, only. If you are liked, your words are warm and delightful. If you are unpredictable your words are chilly. If you are disliked your words are simply cold and threatening. Keep note, once I get pissed, you immediately escalate to the dislike bucket...as I wrap up this grievance for HR. Regardless of how words are received, HuffingtonPost reported 6.3 hours a day is spent checking emails. No wonder you are so busy. Busy thinking how you should think and respond based on how you think. Lots of motion.

Then there is the emotion whirlwind. This one is uncontrollable when you lose control. Should I really take off a sick day to attend my kid's event? If I ask for a raise will they like me less and require I do more? Should I really stay home today because I don't feel like being bothered? Should I really give them a piece of my mind and leave? Should I treat others the way my spouse treat me...oops did I bring that baggage to work? Should I admit I mentally checked out? Should I wait for change? Filled with feelings keep you feeling busy. However this type of whirlwind leads to an imbalanced work-life and health decay.

Lastly, there is the delay whirlwind. You didn't see it coming because you are so busy checking every social media thread, facebook post, instagram pic, twitter comment, google search and private chat that you missed the meetings and emails from your boss about the gradual culture changes you no longer fit. Was the termination necessary when you have tenure and obvious proof of valuable work completed in the past? Ofcourse you totally missed getting your resume, linkedin profile and references updated given such short notice of 10+ years. Keeping up with pings rather than purpose is detrimental to action.

Can you relate to any of these whirlwinds (meeting, email, emotion, delay)? With the 21st Century upon and beyond us, what should you do? The good news, if you are breathing you are in motion. Now, that you are in motion, let's follow the steps to take action.

G.I.V.E all you got. Here is how...

1. G is for Get clarity. When you blend in you lose your identify. Take action by taking a day away from the hustle and bustle. Ask yourself, what am I doing now that's part of what's next? Ask until you get an answer. To misuse, excuse, and abuse this time-off will continue a workload of overload that leads to no place to unload. When you go back to work it will be with clarity of what you are going back to.

2. I is for Invite Change. Nothing happens until you give permission. Take action by intentionally seeking why you are here and what you are doing about it. Leave to understand, return understood. Proceed with a mentor.

3. V is for Verbalize It. You speak what you seek. Inadequate lives peacefully with stagnant in the comfort zone of your mind. Take action by speaking action. I have a purpose, I am doing something about it. Say it to see it. Achieving requires believing.

4. E is for Entrepreneur Mindset. Work as though it is your business. Don't just fill a role, create one. Take action by using your paycheck to fund your future, not retirement. Financial freedom is being free to create. Be more, or be more miserable.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to relax. Tomorrow is coming, but it will look just like today if you don't take action now. Until next time, GIVE all you got!

Created by Malika Humphries, PMP, MCE | Transformation Enthusiast

Created By
Malika Humphries


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