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"Shifting Into High Gear chronicles a true American hero who teaches us that even when the stakes are high or bad days are upon us, those of us given this mixed blessing of pain and purpose simply have no other choice but to keep moving forward. I consider this book a gift for those of us who empathize from our own health challenges as well as anyone interested in making the most of every moment of their lives." —Montel Williams

Meet Kyle:

"Life is about how we react...reframing how we see ourselves within the context of disability and creating community as a prescription to oppose negative self perception. "~ Kyle bryant

KYLE BRYANT is the author of SHIFTING INTO HIGH GEAR, a memoir — in stores now via HCI, and the subject of the award-winning documentary The Ataxian. His story, as chronicled in the book, is about a man living with the fatal progressive neuro-muscular disorder, Friedreich's ataxia, and how he turned his grave diagnosis into a life-affirming mission to reframe how we see ourselves when faced with overwhelming challenges. Through his riveting story and inspiring cross-country cycling journeys, he'll leave you rethinking the limitations of your own life as he reminds us of the tremendous strength that lies within us all, and what, ultimately, matters. As you travel with him across America on his recumbent tricycle — including participating in the world’s toughest race - Race for America, these grueling rides become a compelling backdrop for ILLUMINATING life lessons and HEARTFELT and HUMOROUS ruminations.

Kyle’s story:

After learning of this grave diagnosis at age 17, Kyle’s world burned. The facts of this new identity contaminated his existence. He faced a continuum that he couldn’t change. He was going to die. "I had passed through my childhood, ignorant of my limited time on this earth, and now I faced a world where the ground disappeared beneath my feet. It was time to make my own decisions. I reached back and touched the wheel of the "trike,” and at that moment I knew my life was about to change.” It was then that he picked himself up and channeled his fear into action. With family and friends in tow, he took his first cross-country journey that shifted his perspective on life and what really matters, and becomes the backdrop for this profound adventure story.

Kyle later went on to participate in the world's toughest bike race, Race Across America.— which requires non-stop cycling across 3,000 miles, 24 hours a day for nine days straight. He is now is the founder of rideATAXIA - a fundraising program that organizes 6 family friendly and personally challenging bike rides in locations across the US and two with international partners. The program welcomes 2,500 people and raises over $1 million per year. Kyle rides 1,800 miles per year and has raised over $7 million to cure FA.

Kyle’s message:

In this thrilling adventure story, Kyle inspires us to lean into our challenges, and reinterpret the conditions of our lives. Learn how positive thinking, purposeful connection, and deliberate actions can help anyone reach beyond their limits to live a bolder and bigger life —regardless of circumstance. He lives by the motto that the key to happiness in life is about "how we react" to challenges and experience the power of now.

Deeply passionate and compassionate Kyle Bryant uses his amazing story to teach readers how to replace the handicapping language of “disability” with the agency to build a thriving and hopeful life.

Inside the Book

Okay, It's Impossible, So Let's Begin

When Riding Across the Ring of Fire, Wear Proper Shoes

Not Everyone in Arizona Wears Pants

We Can All Carve A Path Out of The Cubicle

The Magic of Tailwinds...

The Documentary

The Ataxian has moments of inspiration, beauty, even euphoria.” – Daniel Gold, The New York Times

Early reviews for Shifting Into High Gear

A “powerful memoir…a valuable gift of insight." ~Publisher's Weekly
"Full of humor and reflection, it's a heroic journey of a man driven to reframe the language of disease through action and service." ~Washington Review of Books
“Shifting Into High Gear is a page turner. Kyle Bryant's journey from shame and disgust about his plight to the enlightened and pro-active person he becomes is a lesson for us all.” ~ The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast
A Rare Disease Stole His Ability to Walk—So He Rode Across the Country Instead. KYLE BRYANT HAS TRANSFORMED A PASSION FOR CYCLING INTO A TOOL TO HELP WORK TOWARDS A CURE. ~Bicycling Magazine
“Shifting into High Gear is the story of facing the darkest times with strength and fighting back against the impossible to live a life not just for oneself, but for others…. An inspiring journey of living life, instilling hope...” ~Medium
"A fascinating read about strength and resilience." ~Book Trib
A Rare Disease Stole His Ability to Walk—So He Rode Across the Country Instead

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