2020 Blissell Library Faculty Publication Celebration

Let's Celebrate

Congratulations to all of our faculty for managing to keep up our high standards in teaching and advising under unusual and constantly changing circumstances. Just surviving this fall is enough reason to celebrate! But we would also like to extend extra special congratulations to the 17 individual faculty named below for their impressive achievements in this memorable year.

Jennifer Gilley, Head Librarian


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Starr, D. (2020). All Saints Requiem (Composer). https://www.stpaulspgh.org/all-saints-requiem-by-douglas-starr-/ (View the first movement in Box)

Wang, H., & Hu, T. (2020). Multichannel sequential display LED driver with optimal transient performance and efficiency via synchronous integral control. IET Power Electronics. https://doi.org/10.1049/iet-pel.2020.0128

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Wentling, R. & Choi, J. (In Press). Convict code, risky lifestyles, and violent victimization among inmates in South Korea. Violence and Victims.


Andrea Adolph, Director of Academic Affairs

Richard J. Harnish, Professor of Psychology


Arlene Hall Service Award

Deborah Sillman, Assistant Teaching Professor of Science


Full Time Award: Dr. Penelope Morrison, Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Part-Time Award: Marie Sauret Adjunct, Instructor in French


Marcia Curler, Assistant Teaching Professor in Radiological Sciences