Snapshot 10 march 2017

Dear Friends

In a world where the only news that we get is bad news it is hard to appreciate the good things that happen. Think about it: when last did you hear or read about something good that has happened in our city or our country?

A few months ago Angus Buchan asked South Africans to come to the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg to hold a solemn assembly where we could confess our sins and ask God to bless our nation. The obvious result of this time of humbling ourselves in prayer before the Lord is the rain that has fallen over the last two months.

The Bible often commands us to take stock and give thanks.

There are many Psalms specifically written to help the Israelites reflect on God's provision; to help ordinary Israelites to pause, take time to reflect and to give thanks. Take Psalm 107:1-2 as an example:

"Give thanks to the lord, for he is good!His faithful love endures forever. Has the lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies."

The rest of this psalm is a detailed account of God's provision for the nation of Israel. Take some time to read it for yourself.

This psalm highlights three specific actions that constitutes giving thanks;

- taking time to reflect on the good things He has done and on His faithfulness. We need time in all of the negative to see the good things that God has done and is doing.

- giving thanks. Simply saying "God I thank you for..." Be specific like the psalmist in this psalm.

- telling someone. It is not enough to know it, we need to tell it. I love the way that the NLT puts it: "has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out tell others..." Something happens inside of us when we tell someone else what God has done for us. It lifts the mood and breaks down the negative. It is a great antidote for depression. For some of us this "telling someone" is the difficult part.

Why not give it a try? Go through the complete process of giving thanks; don't just think about God's goodness, take time, give thanks and tell someone. Feel the joy.


Speaking of Good News...

Congratulations to Kim Mackey and John Lewis on their engagement this past week! We hope that this time of planning and preparation for your future together will be a happy time.

Last Chance Today!

If you know of any worship leaders who you think might be interested, then give them a shout TODAY and tell them to contact Mark.

Taking Church TO the Community

Each week we have the awesome opportunity of taking church to children in our community. Here we are at our weekly program at Glenstantia Primary School. It's always great to worship with them and leave them a message of hope and life and truth! :)

Loud in Colour

Principal Shann gets a special 'do' in support of CANSA

Eastside School participated in the “Loud in Colour” event in support of CANSA last week. The learners and parents had a lot of fun supporting a very serious cause. The school managed to raise nearly R3000-00, which shows that a small school can do big things.

The kids and teachers showed their stripes

Employment Opportunities


AN AFTERCARE SUPERVISOR - Starting date: 18 April 2017

Please contact the school office by clicking here or call them on 012 9993 1725.

You should know:

New Member Info Sessions | 28 March & 4 April - Both evenings need to be attended

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