ADHD •A mental disorder of the NEURODEVELOPMENT type


  • Problems paying attention or focusing
  • Excessive activity
  • Difficulty controlling behavior not appropriate for their age

Symptoms begin by age 6-12 and last for more than 6 months.


There are medications, such as adderall to treat ADHD, but it can't be cured.

Can ADHD be prevented?

You can increase the chance of your child NOT having ADHD by staying healthy throughout your pregnancy. Children whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant are 2x more likely to develop ADHD.

Educational Resources:

Teachers often offer accommodations for children with ADHD. They can give extended time for tests, shorten assignments, give special instruction in note-taking, and give alternative assignments for long-term projects.

Community Resources:

CHADD is a non-profit organization that advocates and supports individuals with ADHD.

Therapy helps uncover a child's true reasoning for troubling behavior. ADHD treatment is more effective when combining with therapy

-ADHD is generally hereditary

General Category: Emotional & Behavioral

Indiana has one of the highest percentages of children with ADHD.



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