Mother Teresa by: Kalan Foster

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Macedonia on August twenty sixth, 1910. Her family is of Albanian decent. In her childhood she had many callings toward God. At age eighteen she left her home to become a nun. She was taught for months on how to be a nun and on May 24, 1937 she took the vow to become one. In adulthood before she become famous for her work she taught at St. Marys High School from 1931 to 1948. On the dreadful of September 5 1997 Mother Teresa died.
What did make her a missionary is that she had a strong desire for God and wanted others to know about him. She taught God's word for many years and also started Missionaries of Charity. She helped make open air schools.
She won many awards such as The Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom Prize, the Tempelton Prize, The Nehru Prize. She had many quotes from the Bible and some she came up with by herself. Some from the Bible are Do not wait for leaders do it alone person to person. Here is one she came up with People are unreasonable, illogical, and self centered, love them anyway.
Some interesting facts are that she was also called St. Teresa she got this from her Patron St. Her real name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was married but she was to Christ not a human.
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