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After this trip, it's possible to be convinced that Prince Albert Saskatchewan, only ages a half year every 12 months, because during the six months of winter they are in a cryogenic freeze. If the math is correct, this puts them just about in the golden era of snowboarding... the mid 90's. Back then, if you were going to an event, or filming an edit, you were on a snowboard damnit! The morning of BARRELy An Event at Prince Albert's local shredding grounds, Kinsmen Snowboard Center, the first 50 of Snowboy's event waivers were blown through almost immediately. Kids were hyped to kick off the 2016-17 season. As the day got going, looking around meant noticing that 99.5% of the entire hill was on snowboards! (With the 0.5% representing the one kid slidin' around on snowlerblades...BARRELy skiing). Then, with -30° C temps everyone went to work ripping laps, jibbing, bonking and jumping barrels, and eatin' dawgs by the firepit. Everyone except for Owen Woytowich, who graciously sacrificed his trigger finger to document the day!

Much respect to everyone that made this event possible; especially to the Prince Albert scene for their enthusiasm; to Adam Balon and Nate Stregger for operating Little Red and sharing their passion with the next generation, and to Adam and the rest of the Propaganda Shop crew for supporting DWD since day one!

Lastly, none of this could have been possible without the dedication of the man behind Snowboy Productions, Krush Kulesza, who went out there a few days beforehand with our stencils from in hand and braved the temps making sure the event went off without a hitch! BARRELy An Event/Prince Albert was TOTALLy a success! Where to next?

Click below to open Owen Woytowich's DEFINITELyagallery, featuring Adam Balon, Anthony Thoen, Brandon Mitchell, Christian Maurice, Courtney Wozniak, Ennio Titarenko, Jake Kudsen, Jeff Keenan, Matty Gratton, Michael Maksymchuk, Nathan Stregger, Sarah Kelly, Sean Genovese, and Taco.


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