Wildebeest by cole pelucca

My animal is a wildebeest. The Wildebeest is a mammal. A Wildebeest has two colors it is black and blue. The height of an average Wildebeest is 4.2 - 4.8 ft tall. A Wildebeest can weigh up to 600 pounds. A Wildebeest has four legs and walks on four legs.

Wildebeest are herbivores, that means they only eats plants. The black and blue Wildebeest have different diets. The black wildebeest eats karroid bushes and shrubs. The blue wildebeest eats generalised grass. Wildebeest produce some of their food, they spit it up and then eat it.

Wildebeest live in South Africa only. They live in the savanna grasslands.

Wildebeest stay in a group. It’s predators think that it is chasing one wildebeest when really it is a group causing it to get dizzy and stop chasing them. The Wildebeest live in grassy areas and under trees. A wildebeest is in a group so that means it lives with others.

Wildebeest stay in a group so it is harder for the predators. So it is most likely to miss a wildebeest. When wildebeests are eating grass the other wildebeests are looking out for predators.

The predators of the wildebeest are lions, cheetahs, hunting dogs, and hyenas. Wildebeest protect themselves by staying in groups.

Wildebeest stay in large groups it can be up to 1000 and over. The black wildebeest height can be up to 220 cm and can weigh up to 180 kg. A wildebeest’s horns can be measured up to 78 cm long. A nickname for a wildebeest is gnu. A wildebeest is really fast so it can escape predators.


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