Freshman Orientation BCEF Grant in Action at BHS

Fostering friendships, teaching life skills, and easing the transition to high school.

The Leadership and Team Building Initiative at Brunswick High School, funded through a BCEF grant, took place on the first day of school for all incoming freshmen.

Funds from BCEF enabled the construction of new obstacle and rope challenges on the grounds of BHS, and training for faculty to safely and effectively facilitate the challenges.

Students worked together in an environment that nurtured positive peer relationships while learning strategies to cope with difficult situations.

The orientation program was designed to further the Brunswick School Department’s goal of creating a collaborative and supportive community for students.

Along with the benefits for students, faculty reported stronger bonds and deeper understanding of individual students more quickly than otherwise possible in the classroom setting.

"I felt closer to my freshmen on day two because of it." ~teacher
The obstacles and faculty training will allow for a rich and meaningful first day experience for incoming freshman for years to come.

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