What are calories and how do they affect the body? Gary Fillery Personal Training

Where do you start with this one? I will endeavour to explain to you in a simple way that we all understand, as there are so many explanations out there on how many calories you should take depending on your body type and your activity levels.

Calories = energy nutrients. In other words, we get our calories from food, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These energy nutrients are made from carbon (fuel) and these nutrients allow us to do muscular work and transfer electrical energy between nerve cells. They also help to regulate the body’s temperature.

Exercise causes an increase in the rate at which we burn energy or calories. The basics are simple - if you eat more calories than you burn off, you will store the excess calories and your body weight will rise. This is a really simplistic way of explaining it and this will change due to people’s metabolic rate and their activity levels.

As you may have guessed, the subject of calories is a big subject, and nutritional studies and research are changing all the time. We have all seen or heard the science, eat this don’t eat that, it’s an ongoing subject.

Scientists have been studying nutrition for the last 200 years and have only scratched the surface - the human body is an amazing thing. Look after it, you only get one!

I’ve been transforming my clients into fitter and healthier versions of themselves. As a qualified Personal Trainer, I can help you lose weight, build muscle, or simply get into better shape. I believe that looking after your body is just about the most important thing you can do for yourself. Let me help you help yourself, and let’s shape up together. Contact me today and see why I love my job so much!

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