"I Broke the Spell That Held Me Long" By: william cullen bryant


The author is tired of being held by the spell, otherwise meaning poetry. He is writing a poem about how he is sick of poetry. He is tired of wasting time on poetry. The author believes that it only makes you become poor forever and be scorn.

He now got rid of the spell, where he could do nothing other than write poetry. It could not hold him down another hour. He could not believe that all this time nature had been around him, and he had been missing out on it.

Finally though, the light was shined on him and he could see nature. He realized how beautiful the stars and sun are, along with the flowers and bloom and light. Nature and poetry are one. That is what held him so long, and it made him realize what love was.


In the first stanza and first line, there is a very important metaphor that has to do with the whole poem. The author talks about the "spell" that held him longer. When he says this, he is referring to poetry as a whole that held him down.

The author uses the figurative language of personifications throughout the poem which creates a image of nature. He talks about how nature has an everlasting smile, which makes you picture the beauty of nature.

He then goes on to talk about the flowers and streams of the blooms of light which gives you visual image of the new world he has no become to live in now that he is no longer held back by the spell (poetry).

Altogether, he creates a visual picture in the beginning of how upset and sad he is because of how much he is being held back. But towards the end, he realizes that nature and poetry are one and when you put them together, it is almost as if it is a whole new world. All of a sudden love is now in the picture and everything is glorious and light.

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