Survey Media Toolkit How Will COVID-19 Shape the Pandemic Vaccine R&D Ecosystem?

Survey Description

The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Influenzer Initiative invites you to take their new survey exploring the scientific and technological response to COVID-19 and its potential influence on future pandemic vaccine R&D.

Are you currently responding to COVID-19 as a researcher, organizational or thought leader, funder, investor, or policy maker? Help identify key factors driving the unprecedented effort to produce SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that can inform the development of vaccines to prevent future pandemics, including a universal influenza vaccine. Sabin is seeking insights from individuals across sectors and disciplines on how COVID-era science, technology, and collaboration might be sustained and carried forward.

Share your insights here by October 9th. Completion requires about 20 minutes.

For more information visit influenzer.org or contact flu@sabin.org

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#COVID19 has spurred cutting edge science & tech to accelerate vaccine development like never before 🔬

Take @TheInfluenzers survey and help identify key learnings for innovative vaccine R&D to prevent future #pandemics


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