Planting Fertile Seeds for 2019 / 2020 With Rita Hraiz

Rita Hraiz presents her first, non-residential sacred and Shamanic Retreat from Friday 29th March – Sunday 31st March in her home town of Glastonbury where she has lived for the past 25 years.

Sharing ancient understandings and techniques of an in-depth Ageless Wisdom Study, this course offers a very practical guide on how to radiate harmony with yourself and your surroundings by understanding our place as humanity within the cosmos.

To study the Laws of initiation both individually and planetary and then assess where YOU are in your own spiritual development. This retreat is not going to be pink and fluffy and not made up of any channelled information. The information shared comes from a place of deep self realisation. This path of Wisdom and Esoteric Psychology helps us to own our crap and self realise, this path is an amalgamation of many paths that are digestible and a synthesis of the work of many great masters.

This is a opportunity to go beyond suffering and separation, blame and being a victim and to call in a lasting liberation and clarity, using certain puja’s and shamanic processes designed to help us call back the places we have abandoned ourselves and to align to the highest aspects of our selves. This Retreat is for those yearning for peace on Earth and who are ready to shift what ever is blocking the light of peace from within and who are ready to become the peace keepers of the Earth in all we think feel and do.

Rita will share her 25 years’ experience in the study and practice of Ageless Wisdom to help clarify identify and transform inner blockages to open to the flow of the divine, with the objective to access the limitless fountain of creativity within.

When & Where



Friday 29th - Sunday 31st March

The Study & Practical Appliation

How do I move from seeking the tree of Knowledge to Access the Tree of Life?

How can I open to the infinite limitless fountain of creativity and ultimate fulfilment?

How do I heal the split within my psyche?

How do I/we face the shadows and transform the glamours?

How can I find lasting liberation, inner space, emptiness and clarity?

How do I prepare for the age of telepathy in full transparency?

What is The Science of Kundalini and The Laws of Initiation?

How can I consciously work on Soul Personality Integration?

Friday 29th March

Arrive 5pm for Registration and Supper

Ageless Wisdom Sacred Alignment

Discourse 1

6.30pm - 9. 30pm

Saturday 20th March

10am Sacred Alignment Discourse & Teachings

1pm - 2.30pm Homemade Organic Soup & Snacks

2.30pm - 6pm Intimate Discourse with Q&A Session

7pm - 8pm Sacred Puja - Walking the Path of the Inner Light

Looking at where we get stuck and are in conflict. Where we compromise, compare, get stuck, lost and embedded on the emotional treadmill in Karma - opening to the realms of tranquility - moving from doom and gloom to revelation - etheric healing - calling home the Inner Child.

Sunday 31st March

10am Kundalini Yoga

10.30am Short Discourse & Teachings Sacred Alignment Teachings and Practices on White Tantra and Developing Etheric Sensitivity

11am - 2.30pm CACAO Ceremony with White Tantra Sound Journey & Breathe Work and Tribal Dance

2.30pm - 4pm Lunch

4pm - 6pm Cultivating Joy Inner Peace and Selfless Service - Recapitulation and Divine Remembrance - Geomancy

6pm - 7pm Closing Circle

Ageless Wisdom Gallery


“I love the Truth and depth of this work... and the blended path of ageless wisdom and modern mysticism is our past, present and future coalescing in the eternal now....”


"Thank you sister that was such a beautiful transmission I really felt a lot of energy dissolving in my heart in the meditation...i've been going through some deep initiations of the heart and can feel the burning away of trauma and karma and even though it's painful I can see and feel the magnificence of the divine plan as it unfolds and the jounrey we must embark... I can feel my heart chakra opening and I can feel the petals starting to flower and how it is deepening and strengthening my relation with our divine mother/father i resonate so deeply with your teachings it's giving me so much clarity on my process and the path of surrendering to our creator in service to the one...what a jounrey... blessings to you sister and all our relations xxx"


“It feels essential to me to continue this path of self and universe discovery. Why with you: because I trust you... I could write much more ...but I think this summarises it all.”


“I believe your work is beautiful and it has helped many including me. The space I shared with you and the other sisters was something beyond words. Since the last time I sat with you my life has truly changed for the best, thank you. ”


"Love you Rita, thank you so much...... each week you are addressing exactly the parts of me that are searching for understanding, clarity and peace, bless you for this wonderful unfolding ❤️❤️❤️ "


“My heart is full of so much love. Thank you for all the blessings you have showered on my life. I am grateful. You are protected at all times within the Love of the Cosmic Mother. Heart and Mind purified. Homework clear. A warrior or Love. Clear of Mind and Vision. Strong and Resolute in my calling to support others in their own awakening. I am Humble yet Knowing. A student on the path. ”


Retreat Investment

£265 - Limited to 30 spaces

Booking: Please contact Scoobie

E: info@ritahraiz.com

T: 07743 000 707

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