AUSTRALIA, Oceania Michael reza

Wellington 41°S,175°E. Temperate
Wellington City

Australia is in the temperate temperature zone. The latitude lines my country is between is 11 degrees south and 38 degrees south. The outback desert is very hard to navigate threw because its almost as big as the continent it is on which is Australia.

Australia's population is 23.78 million people. The world rank is 56. Australia's population is considered low. the population density is 3.1 people per square kilometer.

Australia's growth rate is 1.3%, which is a average growth rate. The fertility rate is 1.86%.The 5 largest cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Australia is more urban than rural by 11.1%.the net migration rate is 5.6.More people are leaving because of there career.

Australia is a developed country because it has a very happy nation, and because of the strength of the economy, also because it has a great life index. Australia's main language and religion is English and Christianity. Its an immigrant country like U.S, and not to talk about personal matters.

Australia has many sports these are just 5 of them. they are surfing,cricket,skiing, race car driving, and is a sport like football but without pads, skiing is like skating but on snow, then theirs surfing where you try to go down waves, and cricket which is like baseball, lastly theirs race car driving where try to go faster than your opponents.


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