Maru's Sibu Adventure Awesome Adventure

On the 21 of September we went to Sibu I was very excited about Sibu. We went down the stairs and got on the bus. I was sitting with Dagim we sat together the whole bus ride. Dagim brought a chess book it was fillled with questions I solved some of them with Dagim. It took us 30mins. In that 30mins I looked at the window I saw so much things and of corse doing some chess questions with Dagim. From the long bus ride I was kind of getting hungry because I didn’t eat that much breakfast -_- hungry! At the Singapore border we had to wait along time in the line I was worried about my fingers because I had a skin problem but luckily the lady who checked my passport was nice she put some gooey thing then I put the finger on the machine then it worked.

From the malaysian border I sat next to Dagim again. We watched Annie the old version it was pretty good at first me and Dagim thought we couldn't see the the TV but luckily there was a TV at the back. When we arrived at the jetty I saw a cat it was cute and we met the leaders I talked to some of them. Dom brought us to the toilet after we finished we got ready for the ferry. excited!

On the ferry there were so much fly's but I didn’t really care the leaders on our boat taught us some songs one of the leaders taught us woop woop it's the sound of the police and we learned that one of the leaders was a police. We made it to the island Sibu in about 15mins. I saw a village it was called coconut village, I first thought that was the place we were going to sleep and do activities but it wasn’t, we had to go through a jungle for 20mins I didn’t see any animals. When we got through the jungle I noticed that I was bitten by a insect.

When we reached to the place we went to our cabins, I thought the cabins were more hot and a little dirty and the water was dirty too but the true thing is that the Malaysian water is better then Singapore water. We ate spaghetti it was very yummy that I finished the plate.

When I came into the cabin I was very surprised that the room was very clean because I was imagining a little bit more about a dirtier place. The beds were clean and the bathroom was clean and our balcony was clean. Our first challenge was to get used to the water because it wasn’t like Singapore water and I am used to the Singapore water so it was difficult to get used to Sibu water.

I loved the free time because we got to do everything we wanted to such as poison ball, a tennis game, playing basketball and much more. In one of the free times we played basketball, I got to play with Mrs. Betts it was very fun, I did it with Aryan, Dagim and Zach. When we went swimming I felt relaxed and we played some games.

For dinner I think we ate fish it was our first dinner in Sibu the allergic people got to go first, I was one of them. When you take food you need a magic word it is please and thank you, I said that then I took my dinner and went to my table to eat. The dinner was tasty and yummy. After dinner we gathered up with our class and listened to the things we are doing tomorrow. After the meeting we got Into our cabins we brushed our teeth and got a big good hug from Mrs. Betts, then we went to sleep but I couldn't sleep well so I listened to the waves then I went to sleep.

When I woke up it was 5:45 Krish and Dagim woke up too. It was early but we heard some noises from our next neighbor so we opened the door it was still dark and we saw Neal reading in the balcony. So we did that to, we got up to the balcony and started reading, Dagim was drawing in his drawing book. We heard some laughs still so I asked Neal if your cabin was noisy he said “no it's the next cabin” and it was the next cabin. We kept reading our books then soon the honk went once, that meant it was free time so me, Dagim and Krish ran out of our cabins and started playing outside. I played poison ball it was very fun. After the double honk went I went to line up in the line it was in number line so it took some time to line up.

At breakfast I ate bread, cereal, toast and more but the bad thing was I couldn’t eat egg. When we came up with a chant we did a vote the group one won and the chant was called Hyp no waves we are great we can beat you any day like a BOSS! It was really fun making a chant.

When we played poison ball it was very fun. At first I didn’t know the rules so the teacher explained to us then we started playing at first we were losing but after a few minutes we were winning and that kept on going and it was very fun. At lunchtime we ate curry it was very tasty and yummy that I took a second .

During free time I played poison ball and I played basketball with Mrs. Betts, Aryan, Dagim and Zach.It was a really great match but Aryan was saying “ It's not that fare because Mrs. Betts is tall” I didn’t really care about that I just kept on playing and tried my best.

On the boat it was really fun. Everyone was having fun but some people closed their eyes. For me it was fun we saw mountains and caves and G7s. At the island there were shells dead fish and rocks. It was sunny I was a beginner so I had to go first with Ms. Saundra. We didn’t go that deep because we were beginners and after we came back to shore we had to go back because of the storm was coming so we got on the boat. On the way back some people were sad because only the beginners got to go. I was feeling sorry for those people.

During free time we played poison ball it was pretty fun but it started raining. When it was raining we played the muffia game I wasn’t chosen to be the muffia but we caught at least three of them. At night I took shower brushed my teeth and Mrs. Betts gave us a hug then we went to sleep but I couldn’t sleep because Krish kept on coughing.

When I woke up Krish and Dagim were already awake so I got changed quickly and got ready for the day. That morning I played chess with Dagim and I won him it was a great match. At breakfast we ate cereals, bread with butter and some beans it was a great breakfast for me but some people didn’t like it.

When we went snorkeling I was very happy because we got to go snorkeling again. It was sunny this time and I saw some sea cucumbers and some fish when I was waiting for my turn to come. When Mrs. Betts was ready I went to get my fins and my mask, Adina’s mask didn’t work so we had to wait a little when I was waiting I saw some sea creatures and some rocks. When Adina was ready we went with Mrs. Betts deeper and deeper I saw some fish, crabs and we soon came to a deeper place and it was very beautiful and soon we had to go back to shore. It was fun and very Awesome! For lunch we ate hot dogs, chicken nuggets and some potatoes. It was yummy because it was the last lunch at Sibu.

When we had tuck shop I bought ice cream and one marsbar it was only for 7RM. When we played games we played muffia it was fun but I didn’t get to be the muffia but at least we got two or three muffia. When we went boogie boarding I was the first group to go. At first I fell and fell from my boogie board but I got used to it when Mrs. Betts helped me and at the end I got much better to do the boogie boarding. I was happy.

At the banana race I helped Ms. Saundra set up the chairs. At the banana race the first person to go was lucky because they got a full banana to start with but when my turn came it was only the skins left from the banana, I ran quick as I can I ran around the pole three times, I hit the banana with the racket three times, I touched the coconut and at the pose part I slipped and fell on my but and at the end the 4th place got to be the first place which was Mr. Haslers class.

At dinner time we had corn, chicken, vegetables and more it was the most tasty dinner I had in Sibu. It was Sienna’s birthday that night we sang her happy birthday to you happy birthday to you... and we got brownies but the thing is that I had allergies so I didn’t get to eat it and the desert.

At the concert I was sleepy but the fire concert caught my attention. It was really cool Mr. Survivor did a fire breathing thing and that was cool too. On our last night I did the same thing as usual I brushed my teeth and went to bed at 10:00 I couldn't go to sleep because I was to excited to go back and a little sad because we are leaving Sibu tomorrow.

When I woke at 6pm I got woken up by Dagim I was late to sleep so I slept in a little but good that Dagim woke me up. As we were leaving I felt happy and sad. Happy for going back to Singapore and sad for leaving the fun Sibu and missing the leaders in Sibu. We walked through the jungle I jumped on the rocks so I don’t fall and we crossed the bridge and we got out of the jungle.

On the ferry I was happy because there was aircon on the ferry but we had to be on the ferry for like 30mins because we had to wait for the other boat to go. On the bus I ate the food that the Sibu people gave to us I was sitting next to Avi the whole bus ride but I slept most of the time because I was very tired, soon we arrived at the Malaysian border it didn’t take that much time then the first time.

As we drove into Singapore we saw Singapore buildings it was nice to see all the things in Singapore again but kind of sad because we left Sibu. My final thoughts was going to Sibu again.

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