Time-Management Exhibit #2

Semester Plan:

Weekly Plan:

This follows my class schedule and what I feel would be my most productive week, that includes all the time needed to study and prepare properly. Even after completing the exhibit and trying to follow it either successfully or unsuccessfully this would still be my plan because of how productive I would be if followed.

Following the Plan:

Journal 02/07: Today was the first day I started to try and follow my outline days. Right off the bad I started off on wrong the foot because I wanted to sleep more. After that it took me a good little while to be back on the planned schedule. Once I was back on schedule I only faltered once and it was because I let something distract me. It actually made me feel kind of bad when I was not on the planned schedule for the day because I felt like I was wronging myself and not get the most I could out of the day.

Journal 02/08: After not staying on schedule very well yesterday, I made sure I woke up on time to start the day right. This made following my planner a lot easier, and for this day I kept to my schedule rather well. My phone is truly one of the biggest distractions that are around me. I can do 20 minutes worth of work, then sit on my phone for the next 30. After I have done this however I feel extremely guilty and when I do it its all out of sheer impulse. But then there is the extremely proud feeling that I got when most of my day was spend on schedule and I felt that I got the most out of the day.

Journal 02/09: The final day I thought would be the easiest to keep track of the schedule but right of the bat it was hard to do. Waking up it was just way to easy to keep hitting snooze because I had no class for the day. Because I had no classes I also thought that meant it would be easier for me to get work done. The exact opposite was true because I didn’t have class I felt no pull to go to campus or to stay on campus. So whenever anyone asked me to do anything it was extremely easy for me to say yes. I also didn’t feel as guilty when I didn’t stick the plan because I didn’t have to be prepared for something the very next day.

Daily Plan:

The importance of each task is outlined by the number of stars, the more stars the more important it is.

To do lists were probably my least favorite part about this exhibit. I hardly ever use them, in fact I until this class I don't think I have ever used one for college. Once I made this to be honest I really did not even use it either I keep track of things in my head really well and when I don't do things most of the time it is because I just did not want to do them.

Wednesday's Data

Thursday's Data

Friday's Data


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