University Skills to Success a reflection by Samantha Cozzi

CU1010 is a Clemson University course that supplies students with information and activities to push them to maximize their potential. The class, entitled University Skills, reminds students of their resources on campus, encourages them to reach out for additional help and tutoring, and allows them to focus on everything necessary to be happy and healthy to nurture success.

Students in the classroom range from being risk of failing out, to students looking to raise their B average to an A. The positive atmosphere of the classroom is enhanced by both the openness of discussion and challenges of experiments. Each of these experiments work in a 1-2-3 format. 1, introducing and explaining keys to success; both in school and life. 2, challenge the students to correct negative behaviors inhibiting their success in this area. And 3, asking them to reflect upon the experience. This class is truly positive in every sense, and is beautifully eye-opening to a room full of students looking to just improve and feel better about their positions in school.

The curriculum is broken down into six main lenses. All six of which are defined in this summation. Rightfully named “Outcomes”, they are a collection of my personal reflection on the 1-2-3 style experiments that have made me feel like the new student that I am. Each outcome is centralized around an area of study in a college setting. The experiments bring up topics that include: self-talk and its effect on the attitude of the student, time management and recognition of wasted time, study habits and individual preferred methods of study, examinations, specifically learning from past exams to excel in the future, professor relationships and their significance, and finally, the importance of goals and maintaining a close relationship with core values. Attached along with these six Outcomes are two self-designed exhibits. These exhibits were created, tested, and evaluated by me. As students we were challenged to find personal weaknesses and find ways to test for their impact on our success journeys.

All in all, this course is precisely what you make of it. If you half-listen during the instructions about theories to success, complete the assignments without much effort, and show up with no thirst to achieve greatness, you walk away the same student you were walking in. However, when this course is taken with a little bit of passion, a little bit of interest, and a lot of willingness to put forth effort, you walk out with more than a letter grade. You walk away with confidence. You walk away with a series of strategies to keep your head in the game. You walk away with a little more maturity, realizing that mistakes in the past were not mistakes, they were simply learning curves. You walk away with knowledge of campus resources to help you when you struggle down the line, because heaven knows in four years of college there is bound to be a few more speed bumps. I feel like this class had more than an impact on me- it enhanced my character. This class taught me the meaning of resilience and how to make resilience possible.

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