Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By George Abchee

Good Life Activity, by George Abchee

The Butterfly Rainforest for me, as should for most, was the most immersive of all the exhibits. This unique exhibit allows the visitor to live the history of the natural world, not just look at it through a glass sheet. The Exhibit captured me the moment that a butterfly landed on my shoulder (but flew away too soon for a picture). I learned the delicacy of nature, butterfly's are by nature delicate creatures, and this exhibit showed me the conditions that they need to survive. The very conditions we have destroyed as a race in our time on earth. I realized that these beautiful creatures cannot survive on highways, and urban areas, so by forcing that upon nature we destroy its ability to foster such beauty.
The South Florida Peoples and Environments exhibit immediately caught my attention as it is not just an exhibit of nature, or society, but rather how they interact. Many of the panels described how Native Americans here in Florida used nature very efficiently. According to one panel once an animal was hunted down, all parts of its corpse had to be used, including the bones. This was not just a matter of efficiency but respect to nature. The natives understood that killing the animal hurt the environment, so it was their duty to make sure and use all of the parts as to respect the sacrifice the animal has made to the tribe. Others around me felt very similar to me, my girlfriend even noted that the use of feathers in dress wear and in ceremonies signifies the sacrifice t the tribe that the animal and nature itself has made. The exhibit forced me to realize the wasteful nature of modern society, giving no respect to mother earth, nor to the animals we brutally murder regularly.
The Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit, especially in the age of mammals sub exhibit, instills awe upon all onlookers. The FLMNH allows us to step out of our ordinary lives as it gives us perspective. The giant sloth I am pictured with here is such a quite creature, yet could easily beat out a human if might was the only factor in life. Yet humans live now, while the giant sloth does not, indicating that in nature a lot more than simple size allows creatures to flourish. But we are just beings living our lifetimes in a minuscule fraction of the timeline of the universe, as did the giant sloth. We will one day go extinct as did they, and with this knowledge we should remember not to get ahead of ourselves, and that mother earth will be here longer than we will, and we should take care of her, and allow all human spirits to live their lives as they will and be happy. We are not going to be here forever.

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