Cars Should Be Banned From Downtown Rachel Kilgard

There are many things that kill people. Most people think of diseases, accidents and war. But what about cars? Not just from car accidents, but from the immense amount of pollution cars contribute to our planet. Yep, pollution can kill.

Some cities are trying to help not only to save lives, but to save our planet. What are they doing you ask? They're banning cars.

This might seem crazy. Why would you ban cars? Most people in the US have cars. It's a gigantic industry. More jobs are accessible by car. Technology will make cars even more efficient and more safe. But right now cars can kill people. They contribute a lot to pollution. And currently a lot of people drive in cars for short distances. To the coffee shop 3 blocks away. To work that can easily be accessed by public transit. Cars are making people less and less healthy. I think that this is a really good way of keeping the environment and people safe.

Kinder, more productive and happier people result from not driving

There are some amazing things that happen when people aren't waiting in their car, stuck in traffic. People are happier, more productive and overall better workers. Not only better workers, but better family members. They are kinder to people.

Many cities are having trouble with texting while driving and drunk driving. Both can take innocent peoples lives. But if you don't drive, you can't text while you drive and you can't drunk drive. That solves two major problems in our world here today. Two problems that cities have to solve. Two problems that the city doesn't have to worry about.

People who don't have cars can't drive across town to grab some lunch, so instead they buy from local businesses and restaurants. Which is better for the local economy.

Another way that limiting car usage helps the economy is that condos and apartments on streets with a complete road- meaning it has a bike lane- can rise in price up to 71% in New York City. Even though that is not quite banning cars, it is still making it safer for bikers to ride in cities. That means more people will ride their bikes and not cars.

Obviously, since car pollution makes up a huge part of the world pollution, banning cars or limiting car usage decreases air pollution by a lot. I mean a lot. In Beijing, China before the 2008 Olympics and the Victory Day military parade, the city enforced an alternate-day driving rule. Half the city could drive on one day, and then the other half could drive on the other. The skies turned from their usual smoggy grey to a vibrant blue. People nicknamed this "Parade Blue" But afterwards, they lifted the car ban and the skies turned back to grey.

This road is closed for cars, but open to play and pedestrians.

Cars are useful for long distances and places with little to no public transportation, but in cities where there is a lot of public transportation, save the world and don't drive.

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