The Green Sea Turtle and Global Warming By: Saagar, nathaniel, aditya

A green Sea Turtle. One of the very few that remains.

What is Global Warming? It is an increase in the earth's average temperature. can be caused by high levels of greenhouse gases.

This is a chart of how global warming has heated the earth.

This turtle lives in every ocean except the Arctic and Southern, but primarily in the Indo Pacific region. The climate here is warm, but is steadily getting warmer due to Global Warming.

Rising sea levels are causing beaches on which these magnificent creatures nest to disappear. Since these turtles are built in with a magnetic memory, they will return to the same beach on which they hatched. If the sea has engulfed the nest, the turtles cannot reproduce due to the fact that they cannot find their nest.

Due to the fact that the remaining beaches are warming up, more turtles become females than males. This has an effect on the genetic diversity of turtles so that they cannot reproduce to continue their species. This reduces the overall number of turtles in the world and could throw an ocean ecosystem off balance.

A Green Sea Turtle in a coral reef.


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