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Last class I sketched art work based on Keith Haring, his artwork reminds me a lot of life is good brand, it is very animated and has a lot of stick characters. For my project I am going to try and draw characters that are doing miscellaneous things on each different design, we cannot have a main focal point so I am planning to draw many of them, In a lot of his work his characters legs look intertwined and together.

To make one of my designs represent my artist (Keith Haring) is creating cartoon people like his, but I am going to make them all intertwined. Last class we focused on our paper quilts, and my sketch designs. Keith Haring's artwork is very colorful so I am planning to use a lot of colors that will stand out.

We transitioned on sketch designs from our notebook and made our cover designs for our pop art sculpture. I drew my design and outlined in sharpie, and began to color them in. You have to use two different color utensils, such as water colors, markers, or colored pencils. I chose to draw my characters to make them stand out, and behind them with colored pencils.

I finished my cover, the colors I choose for the people was orange, green, and tan. Behind them the background is colored with purple and teal. We stuck our covers on a piece of cardboard behind them for support. We began to start on our second page, I am not sure which design to use, I think I need to make one that is more

Since lass class I finished my covers I began on my pages, I didn't get the design I liked the most chosen but I incorporated it in my other designs. I have Keith Haring as my artist so it is a configuration of many stick fugues but they are all connected.

I'm still working on my pages, I should be able to finish them today and begin to outline them with sharpie. After I sharpie them I get to color them, i'm not sure on what colors ill try and use, but I'll probably make them match my cover in some way because my pages and cover aren't very similar

Im coloring my pages, they are going to be a purplish lavender color and a navy blue on one side, and on the other a light green for the majority and different colors on the stick figures.


Since I missed last class I was a little behind, I need to finish coloring and begin to cut some designs of my pages, I want to try and cut out one or two of my people that I have drawn, Keith Haring is all about abstract and making it look different which I will try and do.

I am done with coloring my pages and my cover now I need to wrap up the designs I have been cutting out. One of the objectives was to make the piece so it couldn't fold flat so I added beads to the characters for the eyes. I think I will become close to finishing but not quite done

Today I think I will be able to finish the project, I'm going to make a few more cutouts and pop outs but then ill glue the pages on the cover and turn it in. In all I thought the project was fun and a good way to see different artists but the designs you had to cut out of the pages wasn't very fun, it made my work look a lot messier and I wasn't very happy with it.


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