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Thank You for Your Support!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for showing interest in raising funds for RAICES! Because of your efforts, our clients and the community we serve will continue to receive free legal services, be reunited with their loved ones, and benefit from the many other programs and services we provide. On this page, you will find the following:

  • Information about RAICES
  • Steps for a community fundraiser
  • Important legal information
  • Logo usage requirements
  • Messaging and media request guidelines
  • Fundraising platform recommendations
  • Fliers and social media graphics
  • RAICES Social Media links
  • Helpful Tips and Suggestions


Founded in 1986 as the Refugee Aid Project by community activists in South Texas, RAICES has grown to be the largest immigration legal services provider in Texas. With offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, RAICES is a frontline organization in the roiling debate about immigration and immigrants in the world.

In 2017, RAICES staff closed 51,000 cases at no cost to the client.

Fundraising Steps

  1. Choose your fundraiser. Decide what fundraising activity you want to do--maybe a bake sale, concert, lemonade stand, or raffle.
  2. Receive formal permission. Contact the RAICES development team at donations@raicestexas.org to receive written approval from our organization.
  3. Utilize fundraising kit. In this kit, you'll be able to learn more about RAICES and our programs to successfully conduct your fundraiser.
  4. Review logo usage and media guidelines. Any logo usage or press releases must be approved by RAICES.
  5. Fundraise! Promote your fundraiser and have fun!
  6. Transfer funds. If you need to mail a check, conduct an EFT, or deliver proceeds from an online fundraiser, RAICES can provide you with any information you need.

Important Legal Information

If you are a for-profit business and would like to partner with RAICES to donate profits/proceeds from the selling of an item, please be aware that some states require a Co-Commercial Venture (or Cause Marketing) Agreement.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Upon receiving your fundraiser's formal approval, you should have received an attachment of our logo. If you did not, please contact us at donations@raicestexas.org or your community fundraiser point of contact.

You are permitted to use our logo ONLY on advertisements, flyers, and digital graphics that you create for your fundraiser. We request that you do NOT use our logo on any product designs (including t-shirts, caps, etc.). Permission to use our logo does not authorize any alterations to our logo. Anything that is created with our logo should be sent to RAICES for approval.


As a community fundraiser for RAICES, all that we ask is that you do not speak on behalf of RAICES, however, we are happy to facilitate any information you may need.

Media Requests

RAICES requests to review any press releases, artwork, or description of our organization and our services prior to publishing.

Platform Suggestions

If you're hosting a fundraiser and want to track your progress, try these platforms:

If you're wanting to sell t-shirts, look into:

Some of these platforms will ask for the nonprofit organization's EIN. The RAICES EIN (or Tax ID) is 74-2436920.

One-Page Flier

The flier is a standard 8.5x11 inches and print-ready.


RAICES Social Media

Our RAICES social media accounts (@RAICESTEXAS) share a wealth of information that you may find helpful during your fundraising efforts. You are also more than welcome to tag our social media and website in any posts that you create. Below are the links to our social media accounts and other resources.


  • Release donor, volunteer, employee or other information to solicit on your behalf.
  • Provide funding for an event or reimburse for any expenses incurred for your fundraiser.
  • Guarantee the promotion of your fundraiser on any of our publications, including social media.
  • Ensure the attendance of our staff at the fundraiser.
  • Promise RAICES merchandise to be provided for your fundraiser.
  • Assist with the attainment of any licencing or permits for your fundraiser.

Transfer of Funds

  1. Online donations can be made through our website at www.raicestexas.org/donate
  2. Checks can made out to RAICES and sent to: RAICES, ATTN: Accounting, 1305 N. Flores Street, San Antonio, TX 78212
  3. To receive information for Wires/EFTs, please contact donations@raicestexas.org

Designating Your Donation (optional)

To designate your funds toward a specific program, please do one of the following:

  • Online donations: Use the corresponding form on our website.
  • Checks: Write the designation on the memo line or attach a letter that states the intended purpose.
  • Wires/EFTs: Specify the intended purpose of the gift in an email to donations@raicestexas.org.

Other Tips

Below are other tips and pieces of advice that we would like to offer you when coordinating and executing your fundraiser:

Be clear to your donors and potential donors about who and what you are fundraising for. People are more willing to donate their money when they know where it is going. When you educate others about RAICES and our mission, you’re informing your community about how their money will go toward sustaining our organization.

Beware of dehumanizing language. We do not refer to immigrants as "aliens," "illegals," or any similar terminology. These terms are extremely dehumanizing; instead, try referring to these people simply as "immigrants" or "undocumented individuals."

Be an advocate. When coordinating a fundraiser, executing a fundraiser, or volunteering with a fundraiser/event, it is important to also present yourself as an advocate for the cause you are helping. This entails educating yourself on what the cause is and figuring out why you are particularly interested in this cause. This will help you speak to and educate donors and others about the cause.

Use social media and online platforms to your advantage! Social media is a powerful tool for spreading info and awareness. Using clear, exciting graphics in your posts helps viewers engage with your content and learn more about what you are posting.

Always fact-check your information or have someone else read over it. This is always important. We want to make sure that we are being transparent, truthful, and factual. This also helps us to properly educate community members who interact and donate to your fundraiser.

Be sure to share ways donors can get involved after donating. This could be sharing our website and social media links with donors, informing donors about how to sign up to volunteer, telling donors how they can also lead their own fundraisers, talking to donors about how they can advocate for the community we serve, or possibly speaking to donors about assisting organizations in their area that provide similar services.

Thank your donors! This could mean making public social media posts for your donors, sending them thank you cards, or other methods. Doing this shows your appreciation for people's support and helps foster a healthy relationship between yourself and your community, as well as between our organization and the community.

If anyone shows disagreement with what you are raising money for, you do not have to engage with them. If people are asking pressuring questions about your cause, expressing disagreement, or other actions, you do not have to respond in a confrontational manner. We encourage you to explain to people what you are sure you know and understand. If someone needs more information, you can refer them to online resources like the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, our website, and more. In order to be an effective advocate, we must be honest, not claim to know more than what we know, and rely on using education as a tool rather than confrontation.

Ask questions! If at any point you are unsure about your next steps or need more information about involvement, please ask questions. We are here to help you.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at donations@raicestexas.org.

Once again, thank you for your time and efforts in supporting our programs and community!


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