Clouds By:Ryan Hamel

Stratus Clouds: low lying clouds associated with rising thermals.

Nimbostratus clouds: usually indicates precipitation and low to the ground

Cumulus Clouds: means heap or pile in Latin usually appear to have a flat bottom. Means little or no percipitation.

Altostratus Clouds: middle altitude cloud indicates precipitation.

Altocumulus Clouds: doesn't indicate precipitation usually comes in rolls of clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds: means precipitation is imminent. Very tall and large clouds.

Cirrocumulus clouds: rain is possible if clouds are thick. Cloud is changed if rain appears.

Cirrus clouds: thin and whispy. Rain is not imminent.

Created By
Ryan Hamel


Created with images by Tim Green aka atoach - "Clouds" • cletch - "Commerce Township Clouds" • k4dordy - "cirrus cirrostratus (14)" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "clouds cumulus sky" • dsearls - "2014_01_19_sunset_57z" • - "jc2382.JPG" • Frank Boston - "Crazy Cloud" • muffinn - "Cirrocumulus" • ralph - "beautiful clouds cloud cirrus"

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