marijuana "kills" by jm

Marijuana, a recreational drug, is known for its medical purposes. This consists of THC which is the main ingredient. Whenever this enters your body it stimulates receptors in the brain, reducing pain which induces side effects such as an increase in appetite.

Although marijuana has been legalized in more than 10 states, the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) has yet to approve of it as medicine.

For instance, marijuana has shown potential treatment for numerous neurological conditions, including epilepsy.

Furthermore, the media likes to make marijuana seem worse than how it really is. For example, on Boston Globe the headline states that study finds brain changes in young marijuana users.

However, on multiplemyeloblog, states that research was done in Boston Massachusetts.

The researchers could not find actual evidence indicating any difference between marijuana users and non-marijuana users.

In other words, the drug war still remains active. There are more people making statements on marijuana without any compromises.

For example, Ronald Reagan states that marijuana is probably the most dangerous drug in America today. In other words he uses a weaseler in order to break down a claim giving the statement of the claim a reduced force. His objective was to make marijuana seem harmful without factual evidence proving so.

Similarly, there is a photograph posted by a group on Facebook named “stop smoking weed”. The photo presents a contrast between weed and success. To the left is weed pointed to a dark sky, meanwhile, on the right is success pointed to clear skies. The purpose of this photo is to convey a rhetorical comparison by illustrating an inaccurate analogy. There is no actual evidence showing marijuana interfering with an individuals success.

In addition, Bernie Sanders popular tweet in 2016 was eye catching. He asserts, “I find it strange that the kid who smokes marijuana gets arrested but the crooks on wall street get off Scott free”. Sanders uses such ridicule to show emphasis on the absurdity rather than trying to confront it seriously.

In conclusion, these statements highlights the bias on marijuana. The main people who are against marijuana usually have little knowledge on the topic. They know that it is illegal and from their automatic assumptions are that it kills. What they don’t accentuate is how it helps cancer patients and others with epilepsy. Everyone wants to stereotype those who use the substance as criminals but do criminals wear hospital gowns? In the end, people will believe what the choose to believe. Everyone loves a good story even though there is little to no evidence presented. The media has a good way of showing prejudice against marijuana to entertain individuals. However, we continue to entertain anything that we see pop up on our devices anyway.


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