Why you feel the way you do about marijuana By: Feliciti Sauceda

Our youth generation has grown to automatically believe what we see on Social media is accurate information. We think because it's posted online somewhere it should be true because why else would it be posted? Right? Most of us have this mindset on many topics such as: politics, religion, global issues and even marijuana.

The way the media portrays Marijuana all falls down to who you have on your social media. People you follow, pages you like, everything you would write about yourself in your description will lead to this, basic categorizing. If you have people on your social media that are more for pot then you are more than likely to be for it. For example, famous artists like Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, or even Miley Cyrus who all smoke. If you follow them and see that they smoke and that it is okay you're more in likely to smoke too. Not saying that there's anything wrong with that but it's just statistics. Now if you follow nothing but people who are totally against marijuana, you will most likely be against it as well. Below is a perfect example of politicians who are for and against marijuana.

Marijuana is not a harmful drug. I would rather smoke medical marijuana than take any prescribed pill or consume alcohol. Marijuana is by far the safest drug there is. Not only is it safer than other drugs but it also cures several diseases. One of them being Glaucoma. An eye disease that causes pressure in the eyeball and could eventually lead to blindness. Luckily marijuana helps decrease this issue. Marijuana can also put an end to addictions of all sorts. Whether it's a hardcore drug abuse or tobacco alone, Marijuana can put a stop to it all. There are definitely more pros for Marijuana than there are cons but a lot of people don't notice this because most of the time people criticize marijuana as being a terrible substance.

No one will ever know the truth about things unless they do their research. I myself used to think Marijuana was just a terrible drug and that everyone that did it were losers. It wasn't until I did some research and realized everyone's brains react different towards different substances. Not everyone that smokes Marijuana is dumb or slow. It's actually a very focusing drug. But it all just depends on the person and what you believe in through media and peers on how you base your decision on Marijuana. Your decision will almost always be depended on what you see on media or what your friends/ family tell you. It's all up to the way you think about certain issues and how you react to them. Media should not be your only source as to why you are for or against something. We all have unique brains for a reason.


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