Trench Warfare Survival Guide BY GAGE MILLER

Gas Mask

WWI Gas Mask by Luz28 is license under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Gas masks were used to prevent breathing in poison gasses. The poison gasses were thrown in to their trenches by the enemy. The British were the first to use this and it was called British Hypo (Trueman).

Steel Helmet

German Body Armor and Shield from World War I by Fanfardon is license under Public Domain

The steel helmet was used to protect the soldiers from shrapnel ("Apocalypse"). It was also called the shrapnel helmet. Just about every country in the war were using this kind of helmet (Watanabe).

Entrenching Tool

Feldspaten by Mediatus is license under GNU Free Documentation License

The entrenching tool was used to dig trenches in the war. You needed this idem because if you didn't have one then it would be a lot harder to dig them. The entrenching tool was also classified as a melee tool as well ("Entrenching").

Medical Equipment

World War I Italy Paramedic Hat by Joadl is license under GNU Free Documentation License

WWI was a bloody war. Medical equipment was used to help someone that is wounded. You should have this just in case if you or someone else gets hurt (Campbell).

Flame Thrower

French soldiers making a gas and flame attack on German trenches in World War I by Public Domain license under CC0 Public Domain License

The flame thrower was used as a weapon in WWI. It was used to burn people and get them away. It was helpful if an enemy was near and you could shoot it at them.

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Marshal Joffre inspecting Romanian troops during WWI by Gheorghe Ionescu is license under Public Domain

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