The Brain An overview!

The brain controls all that we do each and every day. It is responsible for our breathing, our heart beating, your thoughts, your actions, your senses, balance and everything else.

Of course, it is amazing how much the brain can do at one time, but it is even more amazing in how it accomplishes these tasks. If you were to see it, hold it and touch it, you would realize it doesn't look like much more than a squishy, wrinkly piece of organic matter with some channels and cavities in the middle.

Seriously, how does this pile of matter accomplish anything?

Well, it begins with billions of neurons. Yep, approximately 100 billion to be more accurate!

The microscopic neuron sends electro-chemical signals throughout the brain and the body!

Let's take a quick look at the main parts of the brain to discover the responsibilities of each major component.

Parts of the cerebrum are as follows:

Let's take a peek at what each part is responsible for!

Optional - Want to push yourself a bit farther and learn more? Check out this additional video and resource below (sorry for the low quality!):



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