Learning Objective #1 Wyatt Craig

  1. 1. Inner Critic: “ You’re not good at it; you’re not smart enough”
  2. a. Definition: The Inner Critic judges self, blames self, complains about self, and demeans self. Its positive intention is to protect self from failure, but the actual result is either a partial attempt or no attempt at all.
  3. b. Identify: one moment that I can think of where my inner critic is prevalent is when I’m studying something that is not making sense at first my inner critic will tell me that I’m just not smart enough to understand the material and that I should just give up and go do something more fun or rewarding rather than trying to figure it out or learn the material my inner critic will tell me to give up.
  4. c. I should use my inner guide and tell myself that I can do it and not let my inner critic get the better of me. So I can reword my inner critic to say things like you can do it or you’ve got this.
  5. 2. Inner Defender “ I would’ve passed that class if my teacher didn’t mess up my exam I would have passed”
  6. a. Definition the inner defender judges other, then blames them before self assessment takes place. Once blaming an external takes place complaining about the external and demeaning the external replaces problem solving and escape occurs its positive intention seems to be fending off criticism and punishment from others.
  7. b. Identify my inner defender came out last semester when a teacher said we’d be able to use a cheat sheet for our final exam and then before the exam he took up over half the classes cheat sheets I failed the exam. I had become to reliant of the cheat sheet and not my self
  8. c. Revise reflect I feel like instead of blaming the teacher I need to hold myself accountable for the material and not rely on a cheat sheet to save me and help me pass the exam
  9. 3. Inner guide “ I did this so now I need to correct it”
  10. a. Definition inner guide offers an objective and a better perspective about ourselves and other it doesn’t self demean: it doesn't attack our inner guide tells us the absolute truth and allows us to be more conscious of reality other people and ourselves
  11. b. Identify a moment when I use my inner guide was when I finally caved in and realized that I needed help to overcome a lot of the problems im having in school I feel like taking this class was a big step for me

Reflection: I feel like the inner voice that I use the most often is that of the inner defender. I use my inner defender voice a lot because I am so used to not wanting to be wrong or not wanting to accept reality for me its very difficult to accept when things don’t go my way so I tend to make excuses for why I don’t do things correctly. A great example of my inner defender voice is when I get a bad grade on a test I blame the professor for not teaching me well or for not preparing me well enough for the test or quiz. But one thing that I have to learn to accept is that I can’t blame the other people for all of my failure when I can make myself study more or make myself take more practice tests. Because if I don’t feel adequately ready for a test then I need to use all of the resources available to me to ensure that I can make the best grade possible. I Really need to change this inner voice because I need to not blame other people because when I get into the real world I will have no one to blame but myself for my failures and I don’t want to be a failure . I can change this by studying more and by not allowing myself to blame other people for my failures or for my mistakes, so I have to go ahead and get rid of all my bad habits and all of the other things that keep holding me back from being the best person that I can possibly be.

the reason that i have a picture of "Mushu" is because we were told to name our inner four year old and i named mine Mushu. it helps to give my inner critic or inner four year old a name so that i don have irrational thoughts when i get frustrated. I honestly probably named my inner four year old after Mushu because hes my favorite Disney character of all time.

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