Zayvid Tillman digital photography

Just Me.

photo I put together for this project of things I like and to showcase a little use of Photoshop.

Triclops exist only at evergreen.

This was one of my favorite uses of Photoshop ever i had a lot of fun making this.

Dreams of the league.

I took this photo for a project and I've just liked I'm not to sure why but I do. shout out my boy elon

America the red.

This picture is kind of sad, I made it red because the blood of so many Americans has been shed so this flag can fly freely

Walk a mile in my shoes.

I snapped this photo for a project or class but i am in love with it. Shoes dirty but every speck is worth a million words, so many memories and so much beauty in these vans no one but me could ever understand.

I see the light.

I took this photo because you walk past things everyday and you never know something so simple could look beautiful until you take your time and snap a pic of it.

Artist statement:

Why i make my art: I make art because it is a way to show your individualism because without being yourself this world would be dull and you'd never get to see all the beauty people have to offer.

What inspires me: Myself I inspire me everyday I'm the coolest person I know and have ever met.

What my art signifies: It signifies my individualism and what I perceive as beautiful or artistic.

What makes it special: It's special because I made it no body else there might have been guidelines but i made the projects my own.

What it means to me: It means that I will be able to get out of class and use my camera to capture the beauty this campus has to offer.

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I am the creator of all.

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