Indonesia BY: khoa

I see you...

We will talk about Indonesia, like all of the food there and tradition. The beautiful sceneries with Buddha statues at almost every single temple....

Can you believe how many languages that they speak there in Indonesia, because they speak more 700 languages!!! However the main language is Indonesian, which is also known as Bahasa Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago, which basically a chain of islands. It is located near the equator which means that it's extremely hot. Indonesia has a tropical climate and only two seasons!

A beautiful place.

The Culture involves art, dances, and others, from Hinduism, Buddhism. An example of it would be wayang, which is basically a puppet theater.


With over 242 million people in their population, most of them(85%) is muslim, fewer than 10% is Christian and lower than that is hindu, buddhist. However Hindu is the main religion


Indonesia’s recipes come from different countries, such as China, and India. Many fruits and vegetables grow there, so they are plentiful in food. One Indonesian dish would be satay which is basically meat grilled on a stick...(OM YUM YUM)

THAT WAS ALL ABOUT INDONESIA!!! I hoped you learned some things(you probably have :P). I have told you about Indonesia’s food, it’s culture, population/religion, landforms, and yeah. GOOOOOOOOOOOODAYYYYYY

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